Rand Paul Just Compared Nationalized Health Care To 'The Gulag'

U.S. senator said nationalized healthcare is like forced labor camps.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made an argument on Tuesday that sounded a whole lot like support for a nationalized health insurance system. But when “OutFront” host Erin Burnett called him on it, Rand not only backtracked, he compared national health care to forced labor camps in the former Soviet Union.

Paul said buying insurance as an individual was expensive, but suggested allowing individuals to join group policies to “get a way out of that individual conundrum.” A “big group” he said, had the “leverage to demand” more complete coverage at lower prices.

“So why not go for the biggest group of all and just have insurance for everybody?” Burnett asked.

“Socialism’s not a good idea,” Paul responded. “Socialism’s an utter failure.”

He then pointed out the problems in Venezuela, a socialist nation that is currently suffering an economic collapse.

“But you did just make a great argument for nationalized health care,” Burnett said. “You said ‘the bigger the group, the lower the cost,’ so all I’m taking is your argument to its logical conclusion.”

Paul wanted nothing to do with that one.

“I was talking about voluntary groups,” he said. “Not the gulag.”

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