Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Should Call For A Boycott Of Saudi Arabia

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Should Call For A Boycott Of Saudi Arabia

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday attacked Hillary Clinton for donations that her family foundation accepted from Saudi Arabia, sticking to his plan of attacking the former secretary of state's character during his presidential bid.

During an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press," Paul questioned how Clinton could be a champion for women's rights while the Clinton foundation accepted at least $10 million from countries that violate the rights of women.

"I think there's also this grand hypocrisy for the Clintons in the sense that we've got this whole thing, this war on women thing that they like to talk about. And yet Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that rape victims are publicly lashed," Paul said.

But when Paul was pressed on whether he thought it should be official U.S. policy to boycott Saudi Arabia, the Kentucky senator said that he didn't think that should be the case. Instead, Paul said, Clinton should voluntarily refuse to take donations from countries that disregard the rights of women. He added that such a position would be akin to students who pressured universities to divest from South Africa during apartheid.

"I think I would expect Hillary Clinton if she believes in women's rights, she should be calling for a boycott of Saudi Arabia. Instead, she's accepting tens of millions of dollars. And I think it looks unseemly. And there's going to be some explaining she's going to have to come up with," he said.

Former President Bill Clinton has defended donations to the foundation, some of which broke an ethics agreement with the Obama administration, by saying that they have done more good than harm.

Hillary Clinton is widely expected to announce on Sunday that she will seek the Democratic nomination for president.

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