Rand Paul's Wife Agrees Her Husband Is A Sexy Libertarian

Rand Paul's Wife: 'Of Course I Think He's Hot'

When Rand Paul's wife Kelley Paul stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss her new book True and Constant Friends, host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani shared some news the author hadn't heard: her husband, the senator from Kentucky and 2016 presidential contender, was included on a list of the 20 sexiest libertarian men alive.

The prospective first lady agreed that her husband is worthy of the ranking ("Well, of course I think he's hot," she said), but she was hesitant to comment on the list itself, perhaps because Rand is the only libertarian she has eyes for.

"I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with most of them," Paul said of the other men on the list. "But good for Rand. I'm proud of him."

In a more serious part of the conversation, Paul discussed recent charges of sexism against her husband, which she dismissed as "completely bogus."

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