Bill That Would Let Rand Paul Run For Both Senate And President Advances In Kentucky

Less than a week after Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) earned his second consecutive CPAC straw poll victory, Kentucky lawmakers took a step toward clearing up some possible 2016 scenarios.

The Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader reported Wednesday that a state Senate committee approved a revised bill allowing Paul to run for both Senate re-election and president, should he choose to do so. The bill now heads to the full Kentucky state Senate.

"What this simply does is clarifies that when you have a candidate in the federal delegation who is either seeking the presidency or is chosen to run for the vice presidential seat, that person can also run at the same time for their seat in the United States Senate or the United States Congress," state Sen. Damon Thayer (R) said.

As the Herald-Leader noted, Kentucky state law currently does not allow candidates to appear on the same ballot twice in a general election. Earlier this week, Paul adviser Doug Stafford told the Associated Press that the senator's camp was not seeking to change that law at the state level, but instead confirm that it does not apply to running for multiple federal offices.

No matter how 2016 shakes out, Paul spokesperson Dan Bayens also told the Associated Press this week that another U.S. Senate run is definitely in the cards.

"He's 100 percent committed to running for re-election to the Senate," Bayens said of Paul. "Regardless of what other decisions he makes, he'll be on the ballot for Senate in Kentucky."



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