Rand Paul Compares Congress To Soviet Politburo

Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul took a brief moment from his weekend media tour to drop a tongue-in-cheek comparison of Soviet Russia's former governing body to the United States Congress that he was recently elected to.

From an interview in the Wall Street Journal:

Next on his docket are term limits. He jokes that the Soviet Politburo saw more turnover than Capitol Hill. He also wants to "sunset" all regulations until approved by Congress. "Let them write all the regulations they want," he says. "They do anyway, but in two years they're gone unless they get voted on by Congress."

Paul also told the WSJ that he believes he'll be sheltered from Washington's transformational powers, which often causes successful candidates to abandon their campaign promises after taking office.

"I'm not someone who's sort of still trying to figure out what I believe in," Paul said. "I don't think I'm really open to having Washington change me."

While Kentucky's next senator was criticized for being vague on television Sunday during an interview in which he displayed an inability or unwillingness to get specific about programs he would cut funding from, Paul again appeared to paint in broad strokes during his sit-down with the WSJ.

Among Paul's top priorities, he told the Journal: the introduction of a constitutional amendment mandating the passage of a balanced budget, a "Read the Bill" act, "steep cuts in defense and entitlements," and of course "the out-of-control deficit."