Sen. Rand Paul Tweets During His Filibuster

Senator Rand Paul spent what seemed like all of Wednesday speaking on the Senate floor in order to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan as CIA director. Paul spoke for so long that the website was created to monitor his progress. He spent almost 13 hours speaking, which is mind-boggling in itself -- but what is most astonishing is that he was also tweeting throughout the entire thing.

The filibuster was streamed live on C-Span, and it was clear that Paul was not using his phone or computer to tweet as he talked on the Senate floor. At the same time, the senator was tweeting incessantly, so it seems clear that someone else is running his Twitter account. We have reached out to Senator Paul's office for comment and will update if they respond.

Here are a few tweets from the time when Paul was speaking to the Senate:

It's not uncommon for celebrities and politicians to hire people to run their Twitter accounts for them. Barack and Michelle Obama's accounts are run by the Organizing for Action staff, but other high-profile people run their own accounts. Cher, for example, famously writes her own tweets, since so many of them are strange and confused. No social media guru would ever craft tweets like the following:

Some public figures craft their own tweets but don't physically write and send them. In a piece in the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Larry King "calls in" his tweets by reciting his intended tweet to a producer who writes and sends it for King.

Check out some of the tweets sent from Paul's account during the filibuster below:



11 Of Rand Paul's Filibuster Tweets