Randall Park Is A Proud BTS Stan

The "Always Be My Maybe" star said the K-pop group made him “proud to be Korean.”

As most know by now, Randall Park is a huge hip-hop head. But he’s also a K-pop stan. 

The “Always Be My Maybe” star joined “The Dave Chang Show” and talked about his love for boy band BTS. The actor explained that his wife, fellow actor Jae W. Suh, wanted to see the K-pop act live for her birthday.

And while Park was skeptical of whether he’d enjoy the group, he left a show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, a full-fledged fan. 

“It’s packed to capacity,” Park told host and celebrity restaurateur David Chang of the experience. “Kids, adults, people of every race, singing along to these Korean lyrics that I ... couldn’t understand what they were saying and going crazy.”

“It was like the Beatles,” he added. “To see that, and the music was so good and they were so charming and likable and so positive. I was intoxicated by it all but it also made me feel really good about the future.” 

While it’s still rare to see Asian artists commanding arenas and stadiums, BTS had the ability to bring fans together who didn’t care that the artists are Korean, Park explained to Chang. 

“We’re just at a period where people are excited for something different,” he said. 

“It was like the Beatles,” actor Randall Park said of watching BTS.
“It was like the Beatles,” actor Randall Park said of watching BTS.

The actor added that the excitement over BTS and the group’s performances make him “proud to be Korean.” 

During BTS’s performance at the Rose Bowl, Park had actually posted some photos from the show to his Instagram story and revealed that he’d cried during the concert. 

We would’ve done the same.