Valleyfreude: Randi Zuckerberg's 2007 Music Video Predicts Facebook IPO


Remember that rumor circulating about Facebook's IPO in 2007? Aside from posts on the once-popular Silicon Valley tech blog Valleywag, the rumor stems from a music video written and produced by Marc Zuckerberg's sister Randi.

In "Valleyfreude (Failure Is Fun!)," Randi Zuckerberg poked fun at tech giants like Microsoft and Yahoo, while also hinting at the possibility of a Facebook IPO. (Hat tip to Business Insider for pulling the video out of the Internet ether.)

The 2007 music video is a parody of the Avenue Q song "Schadenfreude." Aside from Yahoo, Randi and her entourage also pick on Zynga for its "illegal activities" and Microsoft for not realizing "Zune isn't iPod's equal."

"Sitting in a Yahoo board room when they offer Facebook some dough. No! Valleyfreude," the chorus sings in the video above. "Fuck you, Yahoo. They're going IPO," Randi exclaims during the video.

Facebook had a number of potential suitors in the early days, but Yahoo took the cake when it offered the highest bid at $1 billion in 2006. Zuckerberg caved and verbally agreed to the initial offer, but walked away when Yahoo dropped the price to $800 million. The 2006 offer is a far cry from the more than $100 billion Facebook is worth today.

After posting the short on her comedy site, Randi eventually took it down after a few negative comments from Facebook.

She continued to work with her brother at Facebook until last August, when she resigned to start her own company. She's also signed on as a producer for a Bravo reality show about that's being called compared to "The Jersey Shore" of Silicon Valley. If this ridiculous video is any indication of her creative judgement, then things aren't looking too great for the Silicon Valley reality show.

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