Randi Zuckerberg Talks About Being Facebook Mogul's Sister (VIDEO)

Venturing out on her own after leaving her role as Former Director of Marketing at Facebook, Randi Zuckerberg joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to talk tech etiquette, women in Silicon Valley, and her latest venture, Zuckerberg Media.

She also shared stories about what it's like being Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's older sister.

Citing both the "glass really half full" and the "glass half empty moments," Zuckerberg told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin that she has some big shoes to fill.

"What he's done is so incredible," she said of her brother. "Because of him the Zuckerberg name carries so much weight in the world of social media and innovation and has opened a lot of doors for me that I might not have had before he build that.

On the other hand, the last name comes with its drawbacks: namely, she said, the burden of high expectations.

"I think I have a lot to prove," she added. "I think that there's a really high bar set for the Zuckerberg name, probably higher than if I was going out on my own to begin with."

Since starting Zuckerberg Media, Randi has also become the Executive Producer of a new show titled, "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" and is getting set to launch a modern lifestyle newsletter, Dot Complicated.

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