Radinn's New Electric Wakeboard Is Like Skateboarding On Open Water

What do you get if a Jet Ski merged with a skateboard?

Sweden-based Radinn, a company aiming to "revolutionize the watersport industry,” is trying to make a major splash with its new battery-powered, self-propelled wakeboard. Made of lightweight carbon fiber with a saltwater-resistant jet propulsion system, the wakeboard allows users to essentially skateboard across water, controlling their speed via a wireless and waterproof handheld remote.

According to inventors Alexander Lind and Philip Werner, the wakeboard has enough battery life to take you out for about 60 minutes and it can go as fast as 29 mph. The wakeboard is still a prototype, but is expected to go on sale next year -- for a mere $19,375 -- and the showroom version will apparently go even faster.

While some may argue that a wakeboard is called a wakeboard because it plays in the wake of the boat which is pulling it, it looks to us like the solo wakeboarder creates his own fun.



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