Randolph-Macon Frat Caught Hosting 'USA vs. Mexico' Party

The Kappa Alpha fraternity at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia may be punished for holding a "USA vs. Mexico" theme party last weekend.

Photos obtained by WWBT show party goers dressed in stereotypical garb meant to represent Mexicans, such as sombreros and large mustaches. One of the drinking games played at the party, according to WWBT, involved "Americans" trying to catch "illegal immigrants."

Kappa Alpha member Mark Heideman insisted it was not "meant to be racist whatsoever." But other students thought differently, and now the college is investigating the soirée.

“The college finds this type of conduct reprehensible and in direct conflict with our values," the college said in a statement, according to WTVR. "We are in the process of holding the individuals and groups involved responsible through our judicial process.”

But Kappa Alpha isn't the only fraternity in hot water this week for racially insensitive theme parties.

California Polytechnic State University officials are investigating a "Colonial Bros and Nava-Hos" shindig held by Phi Sigma Kappa and two other Greek houses. Women were asked to come as scantily-clad versions of Native Americans, according to The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, while men were to dress in colonial gear.

Daniel, a Phi Sigma Kappa member who would only provide his first name to the Tribune, also insisted their party wasn't meant to be racist.

"It's unfair," Daniel said. "We are taught that Thanksgiving is Pilgrims and Indians."

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