Good News

13 Photos Of Humans Simply Being Good To One Another

Kindness doesn't have to involve a grand show of affection. Whether it's making dinner for a friend, or complimenting a stranger, small acts of good can put a smile on people's faces.

This year's Random Acts Of Kindness Week was held from Feb. 9-15. To celebrate, here are 13 kind acts that inspired us to spread the love. Check them out below, and maybe you'll feel compelled to pay thoughtfulness forward.

High-Fiving Strangers

Paying For Someone's Snack

Leaving A Generous Tip

Buying Doughnuts For Coworkers

Leaving An Inspiring Note In A Library Book

Surprising Loved Ones With A Home Cooked Meal

Leaving $5 For A Stranger To Find

Complimenting A Kind Person

Using Art To Spread Kind Messages

Delivering Thoughtful Packages

Sharing Cupcakes

Sending Heartfelt Cards To Friends

Giving Flowers To Colleagues

Random Acts Of Kindness