Happy Little You Can Now Surf Random Bob Ross Videos Online, Forever

You never have to choose between Bob Ross videos ever again.

Which is your favorite of Bob Ross’ bizarrely calming “Joy of Painting” tutorial videos?

Is it the one in which a fuzzy-headed Ross uses his inside voice to gently guide you through painting a wood cabin and a snowy expanse? How about the one with a fuzzy-headed Ross using his inside voice to gently guide you through painting a wood cabin amidst a snowy expanse, with pine trees?

Now you will never, ever have to make that kind of painful choice again. Because is a thing that exists, offering every Bob Ross video, at your fingertips, at random, forever. is a holy place, where you can browse 31 glorious and not at all repetitive seasons of Bob Ross videos with the click of a button. You will see Bob painting trees, Bob painting clouds, Bob painting misty skies, Bob painting erotic fan art of Rihanna and Drake hooking up, Bob painting majestic mountains. 

If the world has got you down and the nihilistic memes floating around Twitter just aren’t doing it for you, please check out to restore your faith in this strange and beautiful ride we call life. Because every day is a good day when you paint, and every day is a great day when you watch Bob Ross videos until you pass out.