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Random Monthly Finds!

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There are so many cool finds this month! Some of these would even make great holiday gifts. I know it is a little early for that, but this month I came across so much cool stuff I knew I had to share ASAP!

Ivory Ella - My 11 year old daughter turned me on to this cool new company. Everyone is going mad for these shirts! Ten percent of the net profits go to

Clear (List making app for Apple and IOS) - This is by far the best app for making lists! It is so simple and easy! I am so addicted! It even rewards with inspirational quotes!

Sonicare black toothbrush - This is the neatest thing ever! Sonicare in black! I recommend getting it now because they will probably sell out before the holidays!

Double Tree by Hilton - I spent a few days at a Double Tree for the first time. Who knew they had the service of a 5-star hotel? I happened to be at the one in Washington DC (Silver Spring). Big shout out for their breakfast buffet! Definitely a hotel to keep in mind for holiday stays!

Swell water bottles - I am loving these amazing stainless steel water bottles! The designs are so sleek and, of course, no plastic.

Canva - This is the easiest to use app for making graphics. Everyone loves memes and Canva makes it so easy to create the coolest ones. Essentially, you need no experience and you are able to create the most amazing graphics!

Mama Jess Ketchup - I flipped out when I had this ketchup for the first time. It is made with all fruits and veggies. I always cringe serving traditional ketchup to my family. This is a must have for any family!

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