Random Notes and Fripperies

Alarming concept: a TV series starring Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady.

Matt Damon is having Jimmy Stewart's career. The Kardashians are having the Gabors'.

President Lyndon Johnson used to hold staff meetings while on the toilet -- with the door open.

The average American watches 153 hours of TV a month or 18,036 per year. By age 70 that's almost 15 years of watching.

People with limited aptitudes tend to become the poop police at off-leash dog parks.

Those who try to be liked by everyone tend to be intimate with no one.

An oxymoron for audiobook listeners: 'The comedy stylings of Scott Brick.'

Cate Blanchett is having Katherine Hepburn's career.

'Yeah' to Merritt Wever for the best acceptance speech of the 2013 Emmy show: "Oh my God. Thank you. Thank you so much. I have to go now."

'Boo' to the Emmy Academy for not nominating Scandal's Jeff Perry in the best supporting category. This former Chicago Steppenwolf actor fills every moment with compelling, complex emotion and nuance.

Future generations will have smaller, more pointed thumbs as texting winnows out our blunt digits.

Companies whose key marketing message is 'the biggest' are wise to remember the Titanic.

If you've ever wondered why WWII is sometimes called 'the good war,' get a hold of Nicholson Baker's book, Human Smoke, The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization. One caveat: Baker inserts the date and year practically every 90 seconds. In print, your eyes can ignore it. With the Tantor audiobook -- it's on the upper levels of annoying and interferes with the narrative.

When the cable company offers over 150 channels are they assuming we won't notice many of them are duplicates?

The definition of OCD: Carefully going through your email trash before permanently deleting it.

Definition of procrastinator: someone with over 100 unread emails.

"I'm strongly in favor of using poison gas against uncivilized tribes." British Secretary of War, Winston Churchill, in a memo dealing with rebellious Iraq jihads, 1920.

There is no sauce or condiment that can make lima beans palatable

George Clooney is having Cary Grant's career.