This 2-Year-Old Got Suspended For Having A Cheese Sandwich

When Canadian father Randy Murray gave his 2-year-old a cheese sandwich to eat before daycare, he did not suspect that it would lead to her suspension.

Administrators at Centre de l'Enfant Aux 4 vents in Ottawa suspended his daughter, Faith, for three days last week after they found her carrying a cheese sandwich, according to Canadian outlet CTV News. Murray said he had given his daughter the sandwich to eat before daycare earlier in the morning, but he did not realize she had opted to keep it instead.

The daycare center has a strict “no outside food” policy to protect its students with food allergies, CBC News reports. The policy holds that students who bring in outside food will be suspended for three days. If the food contains peanuts, however, students can be expelled.

"We do have children with multiple allergies and the parents are more than happy that we have all these things in place to protect the children," said daycare director Deb Ducharme, according to the outlet.

Despite the policy, Murray said he was shocked the accident would result in his daughter's suspension. He told the Ottawa Sun that he thinks the daycare should rethink its policy.

“They freaked out. If I got a warning, I’d admit my mistake and move on. But it seems they want to penalize the parents. There’s no logic to it. I’m going to the media because I think people have to speak up when something’s fishy,” Murray said.

The father is currently looking new childcare options for his children, including a son who also attends the daycare but was not suspended, the outlet reports.

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