Randy Rainbow's Ode To Anthony Fauci Zings 'Worst Infection Of Them All' Trump

The political song parodist borrowed from "West Side Story" to beg the infectious disease expert to "save us."

Comedian Randy Rainbow made an appointment with infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci to get a cure for ... President Donald Trump. (Watch the song parody below.)

Praising the White House coronavirus task force doctor ― who’s been smeared by the administration after his Trump-defying, science-based talk about the pandemic ― Rainbow sings in a spoof of “Gee Officer Krupke!” from “West Side Story”:

“Gee, Anthony Fauci, so calm and precise / Your raspy voice is sexy and your glasses are nice / You follow the science / on facts you rely / You only want us not to die / What a guy!”

Rainbow’s parody calls Trump the “worst infection of them all” and urges the doc to rescue Americans from his administration.

“Anthony Fauci, their strategy sucks / They slander all the experts and promote all the schmucks,” Rainbow sings. “And still some are buying the garbage they sell / Please save us, Fauci, we’re in hell.”

That’s just Rainbow skewering the president one tune at a time.

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