Finally, A Definition Of 'Complicit' Ivanka Trump Can Agree With

Randy Rainbow gives the first daughter the sassy interview America deserves.

Ivanka Trump let America know Wednesday that she doesn’t know what it means to be complicit, so parody master Randy Rainbow gave her a definition.

“I Googled it this morning,” Rainbow told the first daughter during his spoof version of Trump’s “CBS This Morning” interview. “Apparently it means really smart and pretty with a rocking bod!”

But he didn’t just wade into shallow topics during his parody interview. 

The YouTube star asked Ivanka Trump all the questions we wish host Gayle King had, but with extra sass. Questions included, “What made you decide to now take on an official role in the White House, and who the fuck authorized that?”

Rainbow also pushed the first daughter on issues everyone’s dying to know: Where does Ivanka Trump stand on gay advocacy or women’s reproductive rights? And, “why can’t she get her father to wear makeup that better matches his natural skin tone?”

“I mean it’s not even close,” he complained.

In the video above, watch the out actor-comedian give Ivanka the no-mercy interview America really deserves.



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