Randy Scott Slavin's 'Alternate Perspectives' Photo Series Shows A 360 Degree World

Surreal 360 Degree Photos Based In Reality

Randy Scott Slavin's photography is surrealism based in reality. His work portrays land and cityscapes in a 360 degree view, a perspective closer to that of the human eye than a 2D photograph, he says.

"The camera is a great instrument but it is limited in what we see," Slavin said. "The eye is more dynamic and more encompassing, so it takes a lot more post production to make it look like it does in person."

Slavin's "Alternate Perspectives" is a series of photographs of a single location or landmark pieced together to create a 360 degree perspective in a flat image. The results are whimsical, and occasionally eerie, scenes that reflect the portion and scale of Slavin's surroundings when he took the photo.

"I want to make sure my intentions for this project is to go out and explore the world and take a look at the monuments and reimagine them in a different way," he said. "I want to take a series of photos based on things we've already seen and look at them with a new perspective."

Though skylines and trees are unnaturally curved in the scenes, he uses a photo editing technique called stitching that creates a seamless, single image out of multiple. So, though his photos are a spherical view of the world, they look like an accurate one.

"I love surrealist art that has a grounding in reality," he said. "It's not just surreal for the sake of surreal. I try to keep reality in the surreal photos that I take."

Click through below for Randy Scott Slavin's "Alternate Perspectives:"


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