Range Wars, Oregon Squatters' Solidarity, Its Deepest Absurdity

The feigned solidarity of the Oregon squatters and their offer to end the Great Beer & Pizza Siege of '16 is upended by what these people never care to learn because they disdain it: history. Among the more risible pieces of a-historical rubbish Ammon Bundy's thrown out along with his soggy tomato pie boxes is his offer to end this when, among other impossibilities, Western land transactions are free from federal interference.

Fine idea.

A primary instigator of the generations-old federal interference was precisely that the alleged solidarity of western whites...

...now "militias" when they're in moods of narrow, self-aggrandizing brotherhood...never existed.

A distinct lack of solidarity, a nearly genetic inability to regard neighbors' points of view, resulted in uncontrollable, fairly non-stop, gruesomely bloody western range wars in the post-Civil War decades, abating only when federal authority asserted itself and created...rules.

Of course, underpinning that absurdity is the far deeper one, written, in fact, in stone, by the 1830s Court, that regarded Native land rights as non-existent because Native Americans were a "dependent nation"* (and non-Christian).


Cherokee Nation v Georgia (1831)