This Is What Making Out <em>Actually</em> Looks Like

This Is What Making OutLooks Like

From pre-teens to retirees, who doesn't love a good make out?

Swapping spit, touching tongues, banging braces for the younger set -- there are few ways to express your love while simultaneously grossing out those in your immediate vicinity like a good ol' french kiss. When you're the one doing the macking, you probably envision you and your designated kiss co-captain as the perfect picture of passion. But in reality, your slobbery display probably looks a little more like this:

This zoomed-in action comes courtesy of Rankin, British fashion photographer and founder of "Dazed & Confused." The series was created in 2000 but has been recently making the rounds online.

Aptly titled "Snog," it features up-close-and-way-too-personal shots of lovers rounding first base, all tongues and prickly face hairs and smudged lipstick. With a majority of their surroundings cropped out, the rowdy mouths seem to act independently of their owners, tongues playing tug-of-war like two alien worms.

"What Rankin achieves that others don’t is a balance between staging and reality," Beautiful Decay keenly observes. "He maintains an appealing aesthetic while still staying true to the sentiment of french kissing." Is there any truth higher than the truth of the french kiss? We may never know. Nasty, delicious, peculiar and sweet all at once, Rankin's works capture all the nitty gritty of locking lips. Get a taste of the in-your-face images below and let us know if you're titillated or horrified in the comments.

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