Rap Songs That Taught Us Valuable Lessons

I love and appreciate my iTunes library and I especially admire my collection of rap music.

It ranges from Run DMC to Eric B. & Rakim to Eminem to Jay-Z to Nas to Kanye West to Kendrick Lamar and others just to name a snippet. I also respect the lesser known artists that house tons of talent.

Rap music isn't just about killing, stealing, disrespecting women, and doing other illegal things. Rap music can teach us lessons, whether you've taken their advice or not, it's there. Rap is much more than a scapegoat.

Don't believe me? Here's just a few songs that tried to teach us various things about life.

Outkast's collaboration with Goodie Mob in Git Up, Get Out taught us exactly what Cee-Lo was conveying in the chorus. We all need to get up, get out and do something with our lives, if not the days will pass us by, especially if we don't try. Life isn't smoking weed all day.

Eminem's Stan taught us not to stress over unread or tardily read mail. It taught us to not be obsessed with a single person to the point where self-inflicted pain is the answer. Don't kill yourself over something like that, or at all.

Big L told us in Street Struck about what young people, including himself could be except they would rather lead an unsuccessful youth because they're simply infatuated with the streets. Big L wants us to do something positive with our lives, "Cause being street struck'll get you nothin' but a bullet and jail time".

NWA, specifically Ice Cube tried to teach us men to not let a female get the best of us, especially for our money in I Ain't The One. Don't get juiced, listen to Ice Cube.

Gang Starr taught us that being a criminal isn't gonna make you feel cool in the end in Just to Get a Rep. Guru said, "Basically, it's just a description of real life. It goes on everywhere, out here and back on the East Coast. It's a situation where the young people are living for today: gotta get money, gotta get material things right now. You know, scheming on one another. So we just painted a picture and tried to make it as real as possible. And the listener can make his own conclusions from the picture we've painted".

Love's Gonna Get'Cha (Material Love) by Boogie Down Productions taught us about the dangers of materialism. Even better, the album from which this song comes from is called "Edutainment", isn't that enough to know that BDP was trying to teach us something?

Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice taught us that there's always someone that wants something, but never wants to chip in to get it! The classic example of a "freeloader"! The song also emphasizes on the mental state of mind mainstream liquor may put someone in.

Nas' One Mic taught us, along with a few more things that you only need one of something, one quality piece of everything. Less is more. Quality over quantity. Nas had a strong desire for a simple life in this track, yet there are always obstacles that prevent him from achieving his desire for simplicity.

Biggie still has everyone trying to recite his complex first verse of Juicy, but the message was straightforward, dream you can do it, and it can be done.

Biggie also taught us that Mo Money just brings us Mo Problems. No matter what though, never change.

2Pac taught us that chivalry isn't dead (men just scared) in How Do You Want It?

Dre and Snoop tried to tell us to never sleep on anyone; don't put anything past anyone in Nuthin' But A G Thang. The genre changing song taught us to do what it takes to stay on top or else you'll be dethroned.

Cam'ron and others let us know that making up words mid-song was totally acceptable.

Lil' Wayne honestly taught us everything imaginable, how to make it "Wayne", and he taught us that the letter the "F" in his moniker could really stand for anything. I could make a whole post on the teachings of Lil Wayne, and I could also make a random letter in my name stand for whatever I want because Lil' Wayne said so. The man really is a genius.

But at the end of the day, in Dear Mama, 2Pac reiterated that if no one has your back, your mom will forever be there, unconditionally. I know my mom will do anything in her power for me, even if I didn't deserve it. I'm forever indebted.