Here Are Disturbing Examples Of A 'Pro-Rape' Attitude At A Georgia Tech Frat

A member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Georgia Tech encouraged brothers to attend an anti-rape event to invite "rape baits" to a house party, according to two lawsuits filed Thursday.

Court documents submitted with the lawsuits against Phi Kappa Tau include multiple examples the attorneys describe as a "pro-rape" mentality among brothers. The lawsuits claim this attitude went unchecked, and helped lead to at least two sexual assaults.

One PKT member had forwarded an email invitation for a Take Back the Night candlelight vigil honoring sexual assault survivors to the house's listserv, according to the lawsuits, with an extra note: "If you have nothing to do tomorrow evening, here is a chance to find and meet former rape baits," adding that brothers should invite the "rape baits" to one of the frat's upcoming blacklight parties.

The PKT chapter at Georgia Tech gained national recognition in October 2013 for a leaked email from the fraternity's social chair explaining how brothers could "lure rapebait."

The email, cited in the lawsuit, described seven steps of hooking up with women: "Encounter, Engage, Escalate, Erection, Excavate, Ejaculate, Expunge." It then noted, "IF ANYTHING EVER FAILS, GO GET MORE ALCOHOL. I want to see everyone succeed at the next couple parties."

But according to the lawsuit, that language was used by the fraternity months earlier, including in the March 6, 2013 house meeting minutes, which stated:
"Rape is good."
"[Fraternity member] is down for rape."
"Blacklight party this Friday! Watch out for rapebait."


The lawsuit included lyrics to what it described as a "traditional song" of the fraternity:

Who can take two ice picks
Stick’em in her ears
Ride her like a Harley while he pokes her in the rear.
Who can take some acid
Pour it on her twat
Then watch the cunt muffin rot
Who can take a blender
Stick it in her cunt
Turn the sucker on and purrate (sic) her little twat.
Who can take a chainsaw
Saw the bitch in two
Take the top half and give the bottom half to you

There are also lyrics to a song for the 2012 Christmas party at the frat, the suit says:

I put my hand on her twat
She said “Phi Tau, you’re making me hot”
I put my dick in her mouth
She said “(make talking sounds with your mouth closed)”
We put her in a wooden box
She died from sucking Phi Tau cocks!
We dig her out every now and then.
She f***ed us once, she’ll f*** us again,
Now she is starting to decompose
Grab her skull and f*** her in the nose

The fraternity said in a statement the reported rape victims' attorneys were exploiting "the hypersensitivity of today's college environment toward sexual assault" and "sensationalizes completely inappropriate statements." PKT officials did not respond to multiple requests from The Huffington Post for an additional interview.