Rapper Gaiaisi Shames Fur Wearing Celebs

Do you know what or who you're wearing when you put on a Canada Goose jacket? It's an animal. A real animal that was once alive, but is unfortunately now skinned and resting on your parka hood.

Rapper/activist Gabriel Nadler aka Gaiaisi released his track You're Wearing WHO? to bring awareness to the #makefurhistory campaign, and the lives of animals that are murdered for the sake of vanity. Nadler calls out many celebrities who choose to wear fur. Even celebs like Emma Stone, who have dogs themselves, have made a decision to wear fur covered hoods.

The sad reality is that over 4 million animals are caught in inhumane traps each year (including some pets). Celebrities wearing fur only add to the issue by creating an cool air around the trend. Nadler and many others are trying to change this, one Canada Goose wearer at a time.