Rapper Scarface Emotionally Weighs In On Police Brutality: 'I Feel Like We're Being Hunted'

Rapper Scarface's Emotional Diatribe: Black Men Are 'Being Hunted'

Rapper Brad "Scarface" Jordan, most famous for his work with the Houston rap group Geto Boys, is fed up with the state of police brutality in America. In a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill, he gave a passionate response to the prevalence of unarmed black citizens who have been killed at the hands of police officers.

"I feel like we're being hunted, you know? And yeah, I'm not cool with it. It's like the society believes what the officers say, and he's got way more of a reason to lie than we do, than I do," he said. "You killed [a] man. And he don't even get a day in court. Well, not that the judicial system is set up for us to benefit from in any fucking way. You dead on both sides, man. You are."

Jordan also countered the idea that black people willingly engage with police officers in dangerous situations.

"We see the fucking police and go the other goddamn way, Marc. And you know it. ... And watch [the police officer] get off," he said.

Jordan also had words for the bystanders of all racial backgrounds who stay quiet about police brutality.

"If these people ... don't see that it's an injustice in the system when it comes to dealing with the minority, then we're going to continue to have this fucking problem," he said. "If you see it's fucked up, say it's fucked up. If you see it's fucked up, you've got to say it. I don't give a fuck if you're white, black, green or brown. You've got to say it."

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with rapper Scarface here.

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