Rapper Interrupts His Own Show To Teach Sexist Fan A Valuable Lesson

“No sexism in this f*****g show my friend."

British rapper Loyle Carner is refusing to tolerate sexism at his shows.

Carner, 23, delayed starting his gig at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, eastern England, on Sunday so guards could eject a man who’d used sexist language to heckle a female member of a support act.

Video shows Carner taking the stage and asking the audience to point out who was responsible for taunting Elisa Imperilee, who is one-half of London-based duo Elisa Imperilee & Srigala.

Carner then told the unidentified taunter that he had “to get the fuck out.”

Carner instructed security guards to eject the perpetrator from the venue.

“No sexism in this fucking show my friend,” he continued, adding, “I’m sorry man, you’ve got to learn a lesson my young man.”

Multiple fans shared footage of the incident online. The clips are now going viral. Carner tweeted this warning to other fans after the show:

Elisa Imperilee & Srigala used Instagram to praise Carner:

Imperilee used Facebook to explain why Carner’s interruption was “so important.”

“It sends a strong message that not only is sexist behavior totally unacceptable but that all of us, including men and particularly those in a position of influence, have an important role to play in challenging and addressing sexism, prejudice and discrimination wherever we see it,” she wrote.

A spokesperson for the University of East Anglia said it had a “zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment” and was investigating the incident, per the BBC.

While Carner’s intervention went down well at the gig, it also found him a plethora of new fans online:

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