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Rappin' For Jesus: Music Video Births New Rap Star Of Christianity (NSFW Language)

Amidst Pope Benedict XVI's resignation announcement Monday, a new star of Christianity was born.

In the style of legendary MC Grandmaster Flash, Pastor Jim Colerick and his wife debuted some of the greatest rhymes and 'Christian swag' of all time in “Rappin' for Jesus.” The video was uploaded by YouTuber, Brian Spinney, on Feb. 5 and gained notoriety in recent days through Reddit.

It's debatable whether this is a parody of Christianity or a true homage to the original G, with such lyrics as "All the other MCs lived well, but if you live in sin, you burn in hell."

And let's not forget the hook, "Jesus christ is my n---a, he's the son of the original G."

The man who uploaded the music video claims he made it while in high school for Pastor Colerick. While the exact date of the video is unknown, we've learned a few things about its legitimacy. On Jan. 15th, 2013, Spinney's YouTube account was created and the website for West Dubuque 2nd Church Of Christ, which the video is affiliated with, was also created. However, the church's site discloses that the church itself was closed in June 2004. Very peculiar indeed.

Whether it's faux or fo' real, Pastor Colerick may be the dopest clergyman of all time.

Warning: NSFW language. Full video below: