Rapping McDonald's Grandma Is A Facebook Sensation

She had us with her 'tude.

A 72-year-old grandmother who works six days a week in a western New York McDonald's is enjoying her 15 minutes of Facebook fame. Her special bullet train to stardom? She raps for her fast food customers and co-workers. And we mean, really raps: She doesn't just make a rhyme -- she actually throws it down!

"Yo, Yo. I work at McDonald's so what do I say? I tell everybody have a nice day."

A co-worker videoed Alaine O'Connor at the Williamson McDonald's and posted it to Facebook, where it was picked up by a Rochester NY TV news station.  

"Everybody is friendly and I get to know everybody because I'm here so often they think I live here. Most of the time I even know their orders," O'Connor told the ABC WHAM reporter.

Alaine was married for 37 years, but after her husband left her eight years ago when she was 64, she says she has had to reinvent herself. "A new chapter started in my life and I figured why not McDonald's," she told WHAM.

The rapping began last Halloween when she came to work dressed as a gangsta and wrote a rap to accompany the costume. She performed her rap again recently for a new co-worker, Danny Alsup, who posted it to Facebook

O'Connor says she's thankful for all the kind words about the video and she has a message for others about starting over.

"You just gotta pick yourself up and keep going. That's what life is about and I'm having more fun than I did 30 years ago," she told the news station. Huff/Post attempts to reach her and Alsup were unsuccessful.

So, do you think she's ready for "America's Got Talent?"





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