RARE Taliban Video Reveals Fighters 'Behind Enemy Lines'

From behind Taliban lines, a foreign journalist has captured a fascinating, intimate video of the Islamist fighters currently battling U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

In the video 'Behind Enemy Lines,' broadcast by SBS Australia, Norweigan journalist Paul Refsdal spent weeks in Kabul convincing a "high-ranking commander" named Dawran to take him (and his camera) to a Taliban camp in the mountains.

"I just had to trust them," Refsdal says.

Refsdal shows how nerve-wracking the situation was initially. He captures three armed soldiers mutter in Pashto, "He'll shit himself, he's so scared of us... just like we are of his bald head."

Refsdal interviews soldiers, parents and children about their daily lives and thoughts of the war. He captures scared soldiers comforting each other with prayer, cracking jokes, and in one scene, the commander flipping out at the sound of a U.S. "transport plane converted into a gunship." Refsdal is kidnapped (or saved, depending on one's point of view) when the soldiers suddenly come under fire from U.S. soldiers.

Watch the video here:

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