Rare Video Of Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera Shows Their Endless Love

"Nobody will ever know how much I love Diego."

Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera shared one of history's most torrid love affairs. Their relationship was both riddled with infidelities and bound by their endless love for one another.

Much of their time together was spent in Kahlo's famous home, La Casa Azul in Mexico, where photographer Nikolas Muray also shot home videos of the eccentric couple.

A Frida Kahlo fan page on Facebook posted some of Muray's footage in a rare video, which shows the two iconic artists kissing and embracing each other.

In the video, a narrator recites an excerpt that Kahlo wrote about her love for Rivera in her diary.

"Nobody will ever know how much I love Diego,” says the narrator reading Kahlo’s words. "I don’t want anything to hurt him, nothing to bother him and rob him of the energy he needs for living -- for living as he likes, for painting, seeing, loving, eating, sleeping, being by himself, being with someone. But I’d never want him to be sad. If I had good health, I’d give him all of it. If I had youth, he could take it all."

Watch the rare video of Kahlo and Rivera above.

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