Rashida Jones Pays Homage To The '90s With 'Flip And Rewind' Music Video

So fly.

Rashida Jones just dropped a video for her new single "Flip and Rewind," and it has us feeling all sorts of nostalgic. 

In the video, which includes a cameo by Jermaine Dupri, Jones reminisces about the past, expressing her love for all things '90s -- the music, the vibe, the clothes. 

"All I wanna do is go back," she tells Durpri over FaceTime.

In a dream-like flash, the viewer is transported back to the days of center parts and ponytails, hoop earrings, mom jeans, tiny backpacks and cropped turtlenecks. (The video could also have taken place in Williamsburg last week. We can't quite tell.)

There's also a great choreographed dance sequence, which reportedly features Jones' high school dance crew

Jones explained what drove her to make the video in a recent interview with Rolling Stone

"The inspiration for the video that Will [McCormack] and I directed was to try to evoke the feeling of the Nineties, but not in a mocking way. I think for you and I both, it’s such an important time musically, emotionally and psychologically," she explained to producer (and her nephew) Sunny Levine. "Every part of us formed during the Nineties, and we took all of the quintessential R&B videos from the Nineties and did our best to recreate them." 

Watch below and decide for yourself whether or not Jones was able to capture that smooth '90s hip-hop vibe. Bonus points if you can catch all the music video references.

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