The Game Boy Of Your Childhood Dreams Finally Exists

We want one immediately.

If you were lucky enough to have a Game Boy when you were younger, there was probably one thing you always wanted: more games to play on it.

That problem has finally been solved thanks to a crafty gamer who's assembled a custom Game Boy housing a library of titles you can cycle through at will. The "Game Boy Zero" device uses a Raspberry Pi Zero computer to read a unique cartridge that holds a memory card containing more games than you probably have time to play. It can run original Game Boy games, Super Nintendo games, Game Boy Advance titles and more.

A list of Super Nintendo games loaded onto a custom "Game Boy Zero."
A list of Super Nintendo games loaded onto a custom "Game Boy Zero."

In other words: This is just a Game Boy in looks only. While the classic handheld could only play compatible software in black and white, this device has a sleek color screen and runs titles from a variety of systems. Internally, it's really a computer running a video game emulator -- a program that lets you play pirated old games downloaded from the Internet. 

Wermy, the YouTube user who uploaded the video of the device, published a series of images to Imgur showing how the device was constructed:

He also answered a series of questions about how he made the device in a thread on Reddit. Notably, he added several additional buttons to the Game Boy -- allowing more advanced games to be played -- and the battery is rechargeable. No more AAs!

Sure, you could play all of these games on your computer (if you were inclined to download them illegally), but that's no fun. Our only remaining question is: How do we beam this device to our 4-year-old selves?

H/T The Verge