Giant Rat Attacks Reporter Filming It On NYC Subway Platform

'You Looking At Me?' Rat Attacks Man On Subway Platform

A New York City rat with New York City attitude chased down a man who was filming it on a subway platform.

Josiah Ryan, a reporter for the TheBlaze, had trained his camera on the giant rodent Friday night while waiting for a subway with a colleague.

"What happened next permanently shook my faith in the détente I once thought existed between man and beast in New York City," he wrote in his personal account at TheBlaze.

As the video above shows, the rat sprinted toward him, eliciting a scream from the journalist. "I admit it wasn't my finest moment," he told KPIX.

Ryan suggested to the station that perhaps the rat didn't like being recorded. "I don't know how smart they are," he said.

Dude, have you ever seen the "Willard" movies?

Ryan, who took a ribbing on his Twitter account, was uninjured. He wrote that the rat passed by, possibly between his legs.

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