Soon There Will Be A 'Rat Cafe' Where You Can Dine Among Rodent Pals

Give rats a chance!

Cat cafes are all the rage these days, so it only seems logical that some other species are getting in on the action.

For two days this summer, San Francisco will be host to a pop-up rat cafe, where patrons will be able to enjoy coffee and pastries in the company of the critters, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The San Francisco Dungeon, a tourist attraction where actors reenact bits of the region’s history, will be hosting the event July 1 and July 7.

Not a bad date, really.
Not a bad date, really.
San Francisco Dungeon

Don’t worry — these aren’t wild rats brought in from the streets. Instead, the rodents of honor are adoptable domestic pets from Rattie Ratz, a Bay Area rat rescue group. That means that if you get along especially well with one of the rats at the cafe, you may decide to make your new friend a permanent addition to your life.

Though many people are freaked out by the very idea of rats, domestic rats are social, clean animals that are highly intelligent and trainable.

Tickets for the rat cafe are $49.99 apiece and include coffee, tea or water and a breakfast pastry, according to a press release. When you’re done eating, you get 15 minutes set aside to hang out with the “ambassador rats.”

Incidentally, Bon Appetit published an article about a Brooklyn rat cafe in 2014, but the story was just an April Fools’ joke.

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