Is It Pizza Rat? NYC Rodent Filmed Tunneling Through Snow After Blizzard

Here's hoping a rat isn't the next thing you find while playing in the snow.

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New Yorkers of all shapes and sizes were left shoveling themselves out after being hit with more than 2 feet of snow over the weekend. That included the furry, four-legged kind as well, as seen in a video posted to Instagram on Saturday.

A rat was filmed bounding and burrowing in and out of freshly fallen snow in Brooklyn Heights, at one point completely vanishing in the thick white flakes before reemerging on the surface.

Once back up, it’s seen scurrying inside of a parked car’s tire.

Asked if the fearless critter could be the infamous “Pizza Rat” -- a rodent that rose to infamy after being filmed carrying a slice down a flight of subway stairs -- Instagram user ale_rivera, who posted the video, said there was no sign of any pizza.

Here's hoping snow-braving rodents -- or insects -- don't become an NYC thing.

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