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Rat Dinner: Laura Ginn, Artist, Serves $100 Multi-Course Rodent Meal


How does goat cheese crostini with rat meat sound? What about rat and pork terrine? Rat two ways (braised and roasted)? These course were all served Wednesday night in Manhattan at a dinner to correspond with artist Laura Ginn's performance art exhibit "Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch." The New York Observer describes the process of cooking the rats, which were "ordered in bulk and arrived whole, unskinned and frozen."

The idea of serving rat stemmed from Ginn's focus on survivalism. She's spent the past few years learning trades such hunting, building shelters and making leather.

She didn't serve typical New York subway rats, though, explains DNAinfo. They were medical rats imported from a "clean and safe facility" sourced from California. Ginn's dress was even made of 300 rat pelts that she had tanned and sewn together.

If you're curious enough to try cooking rat at home, the New York Times has provided a recipe for braised rat, one of the crowd favorites.

The exhibition also included photos and video by Ginn, who was a vegetarian until last year. She describes her project on her Kickstarter page, in which over $2000 was pledged. Check out her video below:

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