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Rat In Toilet: Margaret, Keith Woods 'Petrified' Of Bathroom Rodent


Scaring people in their bathroom isn't very mice.

A South London couple claims a rat has been showing up regularly in the toilet for more than nine months.

Margaret and Keith Woods, 59 and 67, say the problem started last October, when their daughter told them a rat climbed out of the toilet and was running around the house, according to the Sutton Guardian.

Since then, a rat -- which the couple has affectionately named "Roland" -- has been poking its head out of the toilet bowl almost every night.

"We are petrified to go to the toilet," Margaret told Cascade News.

The couple contacted their utility company, Thames Water, in March, but the company did not investigate until three weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, a spokesman for the company apologize for stalling, calling the delays "unacceptable," and stated that "a CCTV investigation of the sewer was done last week."

The couple even caught one of the rodent's appearances on film:

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David Cross of pest control company Rentokil told the Daily Mail that a rat in a toilet is "a rare occurrence, but we have seen more of these cases in recent years."

Those cases aren't restricted to across the pond, either. In 2011, a New York City woman "freaked out" when an 8-inch-long rodent crawled out of her toilet and began scampering around her living room.

Some people would probably welcome the experience, though. Chantal Banks, for instance, says she prefers rats to people, noting that, "they love me for who I am."

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