Ratatouille, Snowboarding Opossum, Shreds Slopes Like A Boss (VIDEO)

WATCH: Snowboarding Opossum Shreds The Gnar

We can't blame the marketing gurus at Liberty Ski Resort in Emmitsburg, Pa., for wanting to part with tradition in their newest promotional campaign, even though it does deprive us of another embarrassing ski resort jingle we all know and love.

(Boston readers out there who've had the pleasure of seeing Wachusett Mountain's TV spots -- you know what we're talking about.)

That said, strapping an opossum to a snowboard and filming him glide down a hill seems like a little much, especially if the little critter were made to wear a dopey ski sweater. But somehow, Liberty Valley's newest promo pulls it off just fine, showing master marsupial Ratatouille cut and carve his way down the slopes.

Not surprisingly, the video has already been viewed thousands of times on YouTube and Ratatouille is quickly becoming the latest Internet star.

Check out the video above and get a refresher on the Wachusett jingle below.

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