Rather Be Cremated Than Buried? You're Not Alone

Rather Be Cremated Than Buried? You're Not Alone
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Death is an uncomfortable topic for most people. When we hear of someone's passing, we don't always know what to say to grieving friends and family. We put off preparing for death because we don't like the way thinking about our eventual demise makes us feel.

More than half of American adults say they don't currently have a will, and among minorities, the numbers are even higher.

Disconnecting from death

Our desire to distance ourselves from the idea and reality of death could be behind the steady, rising trend of cremation. In 1913, there were 52 crematoriums in the U.S. Today, in 2015, there are more than 3,000!

Over the years, the number of cremations vs. burials has been climbing reliably, but for the first time in history, we actually cremate more people than we bury each year.

Why do we choose cremation? A recent study on cremation found that 31% of Americans say cremation feels "less emotional" than burial, 68% felt cremation was the most cost effective option, and 45% believed cremation was more environmentally friendly than burial.

Future possibilities

The National Funeral Director's Association projects that nearly three-quarters of our deceased will be cremated by 2030. As cremation becomes a more popular choice, companies are beginning to offer interesting customizations to grieving families for their loved ones' remains. You could choose to be blasted off as fireworks, planted as a tree, fired into a sparkling gemstone, or scattered in the ocean. And if you're still a bit of a traditionalist, you could always choose to have your ashes buried.

Which will be your choice when that day comes--cremation or burial? If you've already thought about it and made your decision, consider sharing with us in the comments section.

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