Rationalizer: Bracelet For Bankers Helps Traders Keep Their Cool

Rationalizer: Bracelet For Bankers Helps Traders Keep Their Cool

The Rationalizer bracelet has got to be one of the weirdest inventions to hit Wall St. since mortgage-backed securities.

Philips Electronics and the Dutch bank ABN AMRO have teamed up to create a bracelet that tracks traders' sweat then warns them if they're getting too stressed -- and should take a breather before making an "overly emotional" trade.

According to the Daily Mail, the bank hopes that by sensing day traders' stress levels, the bankers will take note when they're getting too worked up and take a step back to reconsider their actions:

Researchers at Philips, Europe's biggest consumer electronics maker, say home investors often do not act purely rationally.

'Their behaviour is influenced by emotions, most notably fear and greed, which can compromise their ability to take an objective, factual stance,' they said.

The Rationalizer includes an EmoBraclet, which is worn by the trader, and a light-emitting EmoBowl that is kept at the trader's desk. The Daily Mail writes,

The bracelet supposedly feels emotional states and sends radio signals to the bowl. As the user's feelings intensify, the bowl glows yellow, orange and finally red.

Interestingly, the bracelet reportedly does not work on women, who are "less emotional investors," said Paul Iske, from ABN AMRO.

Watch a video of the Rationalizer bracelet at EnGadget.

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