When A GoPro Camera Gets Too Close To A Rattlesnake Den

Don't try this at home!

As you can see from this video, rattlesnakes just want to be left alone.

Michael Delaney attached a GoPro to a stick to get up close and personal with a pit full of snakes in Montana on Oct. 9. Several snakes strike at the camera and eventually, one of them hits the right spot -- because here's what happens:

Delaney told The Billings Gazette that his wife told him to just leave the camera, but he was able to pull it out of the den using a hockey stick. However, he wrote on Facebook that he had to clean venom off the camera.

“I’ve always been interested in snakes. I think they’re pretty cool animals, and I have a lot of respect for them," Delaney told the newspaper. "I think they have a place in the environment. I’d rather have some snakes than a rodent problem.”

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