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'Rattlesnake Republic': Breaking The Record For Most Live Rattlesnakes Held In The Mouth (VIDEO)

Jackie Bibby holds all kinds of rattlesnake-related records, but he went for a new one on the latest episode of "Rattlesnake Republic." He's already climbed into a sleeping bag with more of the venomous snakes than anyone (109 of them), and shared a bathtub with more than anyone (195 for that one).

For his latest mark, he was set to break his own record. To beat it, he had to put thirteen live rattlesnakes in his mouth. He held them by their tails and had to keep them there for ten seconds, without getting bitten. With a live audience on hand to enjoy the feat, Jackie pulled it off.

It's certainly a bizarre record, but Jackie seems set to hold all kinds of unique rattlesnake records. If it's crazy and dangerous and it involves a rattlesnake, he seems game to give it a try.

See more snake antics on "Rattlesnake Republic," Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Animal Planet.

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