Raul Araiza Dead: Mexican Director And Producer Dies Of Prostate Cancer

Mexican director and producer Raul Araiza has died at age 78 due to prostate cancer.

He was diagnosed with cancer last march and had to be hospitalized after it spread to his bones a couple of months ago, reported TV Notas.

Araiza enjoyed 50-year-long career, producing and directing some of the most popular soap operas and movies of all time in Mexico -- many of which were also distributed throughout Latin America and the rest of the world.

Raul Araiza's Legacy

The renowned artist was responsible for movies and TV shows including “Cascabel,” “Fuego en el mar,” “Tres Mujeres," “Así son ellas,” and “Barreras de amor,” just to mention a few. Famous Latino stars like Verónica Castro, Lucía Méndez, José José and Angélica María took their first steps into the entertainment world under his direction.

Check out above 15 of some of Raúl Araiza’s best movies and soap operas as a special tribute to his amazing contribution to the Mexican cinema.