Rauner Responds to Republican Scrutiny Over Child Care Cuts

By Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek

Gov. Bruce Rauner finally might be heeding messages from more experienced Republican legislators. And those lawmakers are listening to their constituents.

In all the fuss and bluster of the House session last week, during which Democratic state Rep. Ken Dunkin took another walk and proceeded to a round of media interviews, that significant development might have been lost in the shuffle.

For most of his first year, Rauner has held sway over the Republican caucuses, ironically, doing a pretty good impersonation of Mike Madigan. He and his chieftains have sent the message the GOP must be with him or they will be against him and his unlimited wealth. Rauner raised eyebrows late in the spring session when he handed out checks to most legislative Republicans to reinforce that message. Madigan, who also serves as the head of the state's Democratic party, keeps his House caucus in check, largely by doing the same, doling out the critical money and manpower that helps keep his members elected.

Rauner's party takeover has left several Republicans grumbling that the governor doesn't listen to anyone or pay much attention to detail. They say he doesn't appreciate the fallout they suffer from some of his budget stalemate moves, like cutting off funding for people with developmental disabilities.

That changed in a few ways last week...

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