Rauner Says He's Talking to Democrats, But They Need to Stop Waiting and Take Action


Surprisingly, some good news has come out of Springfield: Gov. Bruce Rauner, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton recently met to discuss the state budget impasse.

End of good news.

On Friday, at a press conference following Rauner's appearance at the dedication of the Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana, Rauner said he had an "ongoing dialogue" with Madigan, Cullerton and General Assembly rank-and-file about the budget.

"I am meeting... very recently with the leaders. We've had ongoing dialogue. What I've learned... is talking about our meetings or talking about what's discussed or who met with whom when it ends up being counter-productive. So I apologize. I don't talk about it much, I'm not going to say much about it now," Rauner said. "Conversations have been ongoing. I'm encouraging them very strongly. And they're encouraging between myself and the leaders, myself and the members of the General Assembly as well as members who are Republicans and Democrats who are meeting regularly in the Legislature talking about the issues, they're trying to move this forward."

Cullerton's spokeswoman, Rikeesha Phelon, said Rauner and Cullerton met last week. Madigan's spokesman, Steve Brown, said Madigan and Rauner spoke on Sept. 21.

Rauner needn't have worried about divulging sensitive information on the nature of the talks. His remarks earlier made clear that both sides remain exactly where they've been for the last three months.

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