'Ravenswood': Teens Summon Spirit, Confirming The Curse And A Mysterious 'Five Pact' (VIDEO)

The five teens at the center of "Ravenswood" learned that they are connected, and should remain that way. That is, if they want to believe a spirit they summoned via a makeshift Ouija board. They were communicating with a spirit named Abby, and before things turned violent, there was one clear message.

Just before a light fixture came crashing down on the table, the spirit spelled out the words "FIVE PACT" with the magnetic letters the kids were using. After the explosive crash, though, there was another unexpected side effect. Suddenly, Caleb wasn't the only one who could see Miranda.

This only gave Hollywood Life's Andy Swift more questions. "Miranda eventually became visible to the rest of ‘The Five,’ after saving them from a vengeful spirit (Abby?), so at least Caleb won’t feel so alone anymore," he noted. "But I wonder what she was trying to tell them about the ‘pact.’ What pact was made that’s now causing all this trouble? Who made it? And how can it be undone?”

Still, Bustle's Kaitlin Reilly wasn't impressed. Didn't Abby only confirm what the teens had already discovered? "Remy finds historical facts that link the return of ‘saved’ soldiers to the death of five Ravenswood teens. The pattern has happened six times over. Are these five teens a part of the new curse? (Umm, yes, obviously.)”

Now it's about undoing the curse on "Ravenswood," Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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