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Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Black Porn Model, Part Two

In Part Two of "Raw and Exposed," Dawg thrusts us into the inner workings of the gay sex trade. "Fas-cinating," as the iconic Mr. Spock of "Star Trek" has uttered on more than a few occasions.
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As you recall, my three-part series entitled "Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Porn Model," is an unvarnished, thought-provoking and candid interview with adult performer Dawg Dixon (, an African-American who's worked for the black gay hardcore porn companies Blackbreeders and Forbidden Funk Media. Part One explored why Dixon entered adult entertainment "late in the game" -- when he was nearly 40 years old. Additionally, Dawg served up the naked truth about his journey as a porn star.

In Part Two of "Raw and Exposed," Dawg thrusts us into the inner workings of the gay sex trade. "Fas-cinating," as the iconic Mr. Spock of "Star Trek" has uttered on more than a few occasions.

EVANS: Dawg, thanks again for sitting down with me.

DIXON: My pleasure, Wyatt.

EVANS: Are "ya" ready for me to once again "git all up in yo' bizness?" (I josh.)

DIXON: Bring it! (He flashes one "helluva" infectious grin.)

EVANS: Let's just jump in. What are the pitfalls of porn?

DIXON: Ego. Greed. Low self-esteem. Drugs/addiction.

EVANS: The first three are pretty self-explanatory. So, let's discuss the issue of drugs. (Pause.) I've heard from various corners that the industry uses drugs to control talent.

DIXON: Because I've only been on the sets of Blackbreeders and Forbidden Funk, I can't speak to other adult companies and their drug policies. I do know that the aforementioned don't provide drugs to us models -- other than male performance enhancers, if needed. Let me add that uncontrolled addiction will destroy any plans for success in any industry.

EVANS: Dawg, what's your stance on mandatory HIV testing in porn?

DIXON: I have a background in HIV outreach, testing and education and have worked in the field for more than 15 years. I believe in patient confidentiality laws. Mandatory on-the-job HIV-testing in a non-health care environment is ridiculous! First, do we test just models or the whole adult industry? On most porn sets, the crew wear multiple hats: some do "oil and fluff," some do body fluid clean-up, etc. And, let's get real: a person's HIV status can change from one test to the next.

EVANS: What about behavior on the set? Any rivalries? Backstabbing? Blow-ups? Yo: "Inquiring minds wanna know!" (I'm chuckling, rather mischievously.)

DIXON: (Smiling.) That's a rather juicy question, Wyatt. The problems I notice on the set between performers arise when porn actors date each other. A lot of times they don't want the directors to know that. So when couples aren't paired with each other, and their co-stars start getting "familiar" with each other -- that's when the claws come out.

EVANS: Seriously? Whoa!

DIXON: Yep. Fighting on the set because of that s**t can cause major problems. It slows/stops production. It gets folks fired, with no pay or transportation home. Look: no one wants you on their set with B.S.! This is a J.O.B., and it's always about the money. Models should be thinking: "If my partner and I behave and do a great job, we are building our individual brands. And, there's the potential to create a joint brand, so that we can make even more money."

DIXON: "Tag team couples" can make a lot of cash through filming and escorting. People love to watch couples f**k! Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon, Slim Thug and Felon just to name a few. We (models) are on the porn set for one reason, and one reason only: to f**k for money.

EVANS: Mr. Dixon, what advice do you give aspiring performers who want to carve out a successful career in hardcore porn?

DIXON: First and foremost, get serious about it! Be professional, respectful and polite in all your dealings with directors and producers. Have crisp, crystal-clear photos, making sure that all of you can be seen. Produce a video clip of yourself in action. Provide a concisely written summary of your talents: "I'm very well-endowed." "I'm a power bottom." "I want to do porn because..." But beware: most companies are looking for big d**k tops or versatile models who can f**k on cam. Bottoms are a dime a dozen!

EVANS: Dawg, if you have one warning, one "no-no," what would it be?

DIXON: This: don't think that sleeping with the studio head or staff will get you anywhere! That's just a "bad movie" waiting to happen. (He's unequivocal.)

EVANS: So, models shouldn't be searching for that "casting couch," eh?

DIXON: Exactly. There will ALWAYS be someone younger, sweeter, tighter, deeper, bigger, etc. If you're smart and professional, you'll be treated as such. And as a result, you'll achieve your goals.

Next up: the role of massage/escorting/sex for pay in growing/enhancing a porn model's brand, and how "The Biz" has shaped him.

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