Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Black Porn Model, Part Three

Welcome back to "Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Black Porn Model," my unvarnished, thought-provoking and candid multi-part interview with adult performer Dawg Dixon (Dawgdixon.com), an African-American who's worked for the black gay hardcore porn companies BlackBreeders and Forbidden Funk Media. This is part three, last in the series.

To recap, Part One explored why Dixon entered adult entertainment "late in the game" -- when he was nearly 40 years old. As well, he served up the naked truth about his journey as a porn star. Part two provided an arresting look into the inner workings of the gay sex trade.

In this final installment, I ask Dawg about the role of escorting/sex-for-pay in growing/enhancing a porn model's brand, and how "The Biz" has shaped him. As the iconic Mr. Spock of Star Trek quips, "Fas-cinating. Simply fascinating."

EVANS: So, buddy -- we've come to the end of our road! As well as being an eye-opening experience, this has been one of my most-read series of articles to date.

DIXON: Outstanding! (There's that infectious smile again.)

EVANS: Let's begin with one "helluva" bang: have you escorted, or had sex-for-pay? And if so, was it a "natural outgrowth" of the profession?

DIXON: (He nods affirmatively.) Yes, I've escorted, had sex-for-pay, or whatever you want to call the exchange. It comes with being a porn model.

DIXON: I don't like the term "escort" applied to me or my services. Basically, the way escorting is advertised today is "rent-a-hoe." (He's slightly annoyed.)

EVANS: Is there a difference between escorting and prostitution?

DIXON: For me, the difference is that escorting is the art of companionship, while prostitution is the act of having sex.

DIXON: (He continues.) I don't "escort" in the professional sense. I'm a trained and certified massage therapist who brings a wealth of experience, empathy and knowledge to anyone who gets on my table, or whatever -- for whatever reason. My services are based in massage. (He adds:) Now, what happens after a massage with grown folks is strictly our business.

EVANS: Sort of like, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." (He throws a knowing wink.) Dawg, tell us more about your massage enterprise.

DIXON: Certainly! Known as "Ministry of Touch," I've incorporated it with my adult modeling. I believe in the healing benefits of touch and massage. Massage is more than a luxury experience; it's a healing modality or tool to replenish the soul and release built-up tension.

DIXON: I believe that the body is beautiful; therefore, I prefer to perform massage in the nude -- that is, if the client is comfortable with that. This allows me greater freedom of motion. (Pause.) Actually, I see myself as more than just a massage therapist. I've helped or trained clients to enjoy their bodies, and have boosted their sexual self-esteem. My touch has been empathic, sympathetic -- and sexually gratifying.

DIXON: (However, he inserts:) Although I try to promote myself as just massage on the gay sites, I always get "hit up" for more than that. Sometimes, economics can alter a person's moral compass: there may be a need for cash, a client makes an offer -- and it's "on from there."

EVANS: I see. Now, I'd like to discuss the subject of the branding of a porn model. Is escorting necessary to further that brand?

DIXON: Absolutely! It also allows you to put money in your pocket every day. Here's the bottom line: most porn models don't receive royalties from videos, video site memberships and even on some brand merchandise. Usually, the company owns your brand. Or, your contract is written such that once you get paid, you sign away all rights to your likeness. It's the industry standard.

EVANS: Dawg, exactly how have you "grown and worked" your brand?

DIXON: Along with massage and sex-for-pay, I've created Dawgdixon.com. It clearly communicates my brand. The first things people think about when they see me are: Dawg is a BlackBreeders and Forbidden Funk Media model. Dawg f**ks raw. Dawg gives massages, etc. And, my site has a merchandise section. I strive to make Dawgdixon.com informative, entertaining and fan-friendly. Wyatt, I want to take this opportunity to tell my many fans that I appreciate them more than I can say!

EVANS: Dawg, how has being a porn model changed your life? In what ways?

DIXON: Both good and bad have come with it. First, the bad. Being a porn model has interfered with me establishing or sustaining intimate relationships with folks -- including potential boyfriends. It's limited my ability to trust people. It's tended to stigmatize me, because people make up assumptions regarding my past, family/friends and HIV/STD status.

DIXON: Now, the good. I have a brand that I can independently market to make a profit. It has enabled me to build a highly-supportive fan base, and to reach a wider audience to promote whatever. It's built my self-confidence, and has opened my mind to other experiences.

EVANS: Well, that's a wrap! Thanks, Mr. Dixon. You've given us such an illuminating view into the gay adult industry. And as importantly, you've allowed us to go deep inside of Dawg Dixon -- no pun intended!

DIXON: (Laughing.) This series has definitely given me lots more attention! Thanks for that, Wyatt. (Uh, oh! That infectious grin resurfaces...)

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