Raw and Exposed: Deep Inside a Black Porn Model, Part One

It's the seemingly "age-old question" regarding the "oldest profession:" just why do gay/SGL guys enter the sex industry (prostitution/escorting, pornographic movies, strip clubs, sex-oriented men's magazines)? Well-worn beliefs include childhood abuse/trauma, coercion/force (the precarious plight of the runaway) and financial dire straits.

Typically, the vast majority enter the sex trade in their teens through late twenties. However, this first in a raw and candid three-part series explores why a man of a certain age became a porn actor/model when he was nearly 40--and his career in that industry.

He's Dawg Dixon (Dawgdixon.com), an African-American who's worked for the black hardcore porn companies Blackbreeders and Forbidden Funk Media. During an extended sit-down with me, the articulate, savvy and down-to-earth Dixon opened up about his life in adult entertainment--and how it's shaped him. He also discussed the "ins and outs" of the gay sex trade. As the iconic Mr. Spock of "Star Trek" would utter, "Fas-cinating."

EVANS: Dawg, thanks for this interview.

DIXON: Glad to do it, Wyatt.

EVANS: Ready for me to "git all up in yo' bizness?" (I josh.)

DIXON: Bring it. (Broad smile.)

EVANS: What was the motivation, the gumption to jump into porn at that age?

DIXON: It was three-fold. First, an extremely close friend asked me to help start up his porn company, Blackbreeders, by being a model. I was nearly 40, but I felt that I was in my prime, working out almost five days week, running three days, and eating well. At 5'11", 200#, I was tight! Yo: I could make my pecs jump on command, and the booty was firm! (Rumbling laughter.)
And, I was intrigued that this wouldn't be "thug porn;" instead, it would be various types of men of color engaging in kink.

DIXON: Secondly, it was the beginning of me exploring my own sexuality. (He becomes reflective.) As I learned about the kink world (domination/submission, performing fisting, role play, giving/receiving watersports), I got comfortable and excited about stuff I once thought were taboo for men of color to do.

DIXON: Thirdly, I wanted to leave a visible legacy that said, "I was gay and proud...and I fucked a lot!" (Grinning broadly.) Porn is the perfect testimony to that.

EVANS: Dawg, let's talk about your very first experience on film. How did you prepare for it mentally and emotionally? Were you satisfied with the end result?

DIXON: Wyatt, it was horrible and scary! I didn't have a clue as to how to prepare. I was quite nervous because my friend's success hinged on mine. I didn't wanna disappoint him.

DIXON: And, there were too many people on the set. We were filming like it was "Gone with the Wind." (Shaking his head.) It became this major, overblown production. Thinking back, my performance was actually good--considering.

EVANS: How did the second production turn out?

DIXON: It was much better. Some folks were fired, and my friend took over as director and camera man. Fewer folks on set; the production scaled down. The environment became more of a relaxed, business-casual kind of atmosphere. I found my groove.

EVANS: On camera, what sexual position do you assume? As they say, "Inquiring minds wanna know."

DIXON: Initially, I was supposed to (anal) top. However, the mind and body don't always agree to work together--no matter how many blue pills you take! (He laughs.) The scene would start okay, but then sh*t would creep into my head and screw up everything. So I bottomed.

EVANS: Let's talk about the attention an adult performer receives. You say it can land him in dicey situations.

DIXON: True. A few years ago, I met this guy who "right off the bat" knew I did porn. We "hit it off," and began to "hang out." I felt I could let my guard down.
(Quickly, he becomes solemn.) One day at his "crib," he offered me some "smoke" (marijuana). Usually, my rule of thumb is never to do smoke that's already been rolled. But I trusted him.
Well, I got higher than usual. And suddenly, he jumped on me, pinning me down. Usually I'm a pretty strong guy. This time though, I had absolutely no strength...my head was f***ed up! Whatever he laced the smoke with totally wiped me out.

And next, he raped me.

Afterwards, he was adamant that it was consensual! I got the hell outta there, and didn't report it.

DIXON: (Sadness fills his eyes.) The most hurtful part was that none of my "friends" showed any concern. They didn't believe I couldn't defend myself! Therapy helped me move past it, though.

Next up: the inner workings of the porn industry.

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