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The Types Of Dough You Don't Want To Eat: Sorry, Batter Lovers (PHOTOS)

Cookie dough? Sure. Pancake batter? No way.

I can't talk for the rest of the bakers out there, but when I make a cookie recipe that claims it yields 60 cookies, around half that number actually materializes. And not because the cookies are too large, but mainly because I end up eating and sharing half of the dough. Even though I've heard all the reasons to avoid licking the spoon, it's tough to avoid when there are so many delicious ways to enjoy the dough and batter.

Though for certain recipes the dough may be better than the anticipated baked good, there is something to be said for waiting patiently to try the finished product. All I'll say is there is a reason only cake batter, cookie dough and brownie batter have been incorporated into ice cream flavors.

Dough You Don't Want To Eat